The television's stream an 8 minute video that loops continuously.  The video consists of only local business. (local being the Columbia Valley).  Ad space on these TV's is sold in 15 second increments.  Upon purchase of ad space, we would discuss your style of ad then create a customized video tailored to your needs.  If you would like to use pre-existing content you have available that is an option as well. The length of time your ad will run is broken down below. 




 -1 month membership @ $325.00/month

 -6 month membership @ $225.00/month

 -12 month membership @ $200.00/month with one month FREE (you pay for 11 months total)

total price is $2200.  Choosing this package also entails 2 re-shoots over the course of the membership.  This allows for changes to the advertisement to go with the change of seasons and targeted markets ( for example ATV's in summer, sledding in winter).  *

We will also produce a video to use for advertising purposes on social media platforms*


The televisions are located in high traffic areas around the Columbia Valley where agreements are in place to allow advertising.  This currently includes:

Bicycle Works (Tv installed)

Fuze Food (Tv installed)

Summit Footwear (Tv installed)

Hopkins Harvest (Tv to be installed)

Endeavor Fitness  (Tv installed)

Valley Fitness Centre (Tv installed)

AG Valley Foods ( All 6 Tv's exclusively running our ad's)

At this current time, each business' ad that is on our TV's is getting 20,000+ plays PER month.  That equals to 240,000 plays A YEAR.  If you purchase two ad spaces, that doubles to 480,000 plays PER YEAR.   We do offer discounts to business' that purchase more then one interval of advertising.